Papers Accepted!!!

Before the Avengers, ahm, I mean the Frei Lab, assembled, we were still going awesome science. Several of our members have had papers accepted recently:

Our visiting PhD Student, Mirco Scaccaglia had a paper accepted in Metallomics on the antibacterial activity of Gallium(III)-Pyridoxal Thiosemicarbazone compounds. Well Done!

Frei Lab PhD Student Çağrı Özsan had his first, first author paper accepted in Chem. Commun. on the development of a novel activateable chemiluminescent probe. Congratulations!

And as a part of a large multi-national collaboration, Frei Lab PI Angelo had a paper accepted in JACS Au showcasing the antifungal investigation of over 1000 metal complexes. 21% of which showed activity against relevant fungal pathogens. Eleven metal compounds were tested in vivo with only one displaying signs of toxicity. One platinum compound was able to reduce fungal burden in a in vivo fungal infection model in the moth larvea of Galleria mellonella.

Dr. Angelo Frei
Dr. Angelo Frei
SNSF Ambizione Fellow