Çağri Özsan

Çağri Özsan

PhD Student

Çağrı was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1996. He completed his Bachelor degree in Chemistry (2019) and Molecular Biology & Genetics (2020) as double major. He then earned a Koç University Graduate Scholarship and joined the Kölemen Research group as a Graduate Teaching & Research Assistant in July 2019. During his MSc thesis, he worked on synthesis of activatable 1,2-dioxetane based chemiluminescent probes for in vitro & in vivo cancer imaging. After receiving his Master’s degree under supervision of Dr. Safacan Kölemen in June 2021, he joined Rentmeister group in Germany as a Research Associate in September 2021 to work on the synthesis of SNAP-Tag probes for immune cell labelling. In July 2022, he joined the FreiLab as a PhD student to work on the synthesis of new metal-based antibiotics and investigating their mode-of action. In his free time, he enjoys reading books and biking in nature.

  • B.Sc in Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Genetics, 2020

    Istanbul Technical University

  • M.Sc. in Chemistry, 2021

    Koç University